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The RunDown

On January 14th, 2011 I emailed Meschantes (I believe it was, however, the reply I received was from  I was inquiring about a skirt/corset combination for my wedding in August.  I emailed directly instead of going through, mostly because I just had inquiries.  The woman who emailed me back (Sandra) said they were having a sale and they would pass it through though the sale was ending that day or the day before.  She sent me some ideas and I sent back what I liked, what I wanted, and the invoice was processed four days later.  Keep in mind at this time she is responding to my quite fast.

Six weeks is what it was supposed to take.  March 21st - still nothing so I emailed to inquire about the order since they had after all taken my money and had all of my measurements.  I received a response from Sandra on March 22nd, indicating that the designer had my file but she was “on set” but Sandra said she’d check with her the next day.

May 24th, nothing! I emailed again, emailed four times then sent a nasty email.  I received a response to my more politely written email, saying the corset was done but the designers had a question on the skirt.  I replied, asking what the question was about the skirt.  No response.

June 14th, I sent another email saying that the dress better be here by the end of this week (June 25th) or not to bother sending it.  No response.  They are so crafty since they operate right on the brim of the PayPal 45 day window to dispute.  So PayPal can’t help me.  My bank credited the money back but it is an open dispute.

These people don’t care.  I don’t even have an order confirmation from them, just the PayPal transaction.  I strongly suggest that you either do not purchase from these people or if you MUST, that you do it through Ebay where you have more protection.

After the response I received from “Sandra” indicating that she’d talk to the designers, I was then responded to by multiple other people, like Janet and Richard.

The PayPal is in the name of Bruce Wilson and he must be married to the owner of the domain name (WHOIS is your friend).  They have no phone number besides what is listed on the public WHOIS database. 

Posted 26 Jun 2011 at 14:25
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Meschantes Corsetry SUCKS

I ordered my corset and skirt in January 2011, anticipating that it would be here in plenty of time for my August wedding (since their website,, states it will take 6 weeks).  At 8 weeks, I inquired about the dress and was told it would ship soon.  A few weeks later, no fucking package.  I email a slightly nasty (but classy) email and I was told that the corset was done but the designers had a question about the skirt.  I replied to ask what question existed about the skirt.  No response.  Two weeks later, nothing.  I emailed AGAIN telling them if it wasn’t here by the next week (which happens to be THIS week), I would chargeback the payment on my card, end of story.  Almost immediately, I received a response from another person (at this type I had been emailed by about four different people judging by signatures) requesting my waist to hem ratio and my height.  Well, it’s Saturday, no fucking package and I’m pissed!!

Fuck them.  My recommendation is not to order from them.  They have GREAT reviews but obviously those are not to be relied on.  So here I am, one month before my wedding, nothing to wear.  Thanks!

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